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Default DVD Not Playing - 1st Time Poster (Need Help)

1st time poster here and relatively new to DVD Burning. I do have a few friends in the hobby coaching me along but we've hit a brick wall.

Ripping Tool: DVD Shrink
Burning: Nero 5.5
Medium: Comp USA DVD - RW
Writer: Pioneer DVR-AO5U
DVD Player: Apex AD-5131

After using DVD shrink to rip an in house DVD, I use Nero to then BURN those files to a new DVD. I follow the wizard that basically creates a DVD (placing all files in the Video_TS folder).

After burning that DVD, my regular DVD player attached to my TV will not read the DVD (No Disc message). To verify the DVD was written I played it back in 3 different computer systems here in the house (1 was the actual burner and 2 were simply readers). All 3 computers played back the DVD with no problem.

For kicks I hooked up my Sony Playstation 2 to the TV and tried playing it through that (PS2's can play DVD's FYI). And to my surprise it worked. I've isolated the problem to something with my DVD player itself. After reading here on these boards I noticed someone mention:

I double checked my particular model and supposedly it supports all the right formats. I've no idea what to do at this point. Any help is appreciated.

My current DVD Player Info Cut and Pasted from the above Link:
Apex AD-5131
5000kbit/s MP3
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"Medium: Comp USA DVD - RW"

Many standalones (regardless of stated compatibility) are "finicky" about which brands of burnable media they'll recognize.

Two suggestions:

1) Take your burned DVD-R/W to a store that has plenty of standalone DVDs - See if it plays on any

2) Try a different brand of media. It may take some experimentation to find something that your Apex "likes". Included in this line of thinking, try a DVD-R instead of DVD-R/W

"I follow the wizard that basically creates a DVD (placing all files in the Video_TS folder)."

Did it also create an empty "AUDIO_TS" folder, which some standalones "demand" on burned DVDs?
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Default Answers

Just a quick reply (and thanks for the fast response).

Yes it did create the Audio_TS folder (although it's empty). I have not experimented with any other types of Media (but I will this upcoming week).

I'll also see if I can get a few friends to try my DVDs in theirs players. I'll post what I find.
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