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Default Decent MP3/WMA Player under $100?

Ok so I know I'm a troglodyte... but I haven't taken the plunge yet for one of those little MP3/WMA players. Does anyone have one they got for under $100 that sounds ok, has a USB connector/cable w/easy drag & drop and at least works for a couple of months before it breaks?

The Zen series looked interesting but integrated battery means chuck it when it no longer recharges.... but other than Sandisk Sansa Express I haven't read too many reviews. Basically I only care if you can see what song you're going to play and it can play MP3 and WMA and you can hear the thing. And oh yeah, I don't wanna' haveta' read the manual to copy a file onto it.

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Lord of Digital Video
Lord of Digital Video
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Zen series looked interesting but integrated battery means chuck it when it no longer recharges
We have had the Zen V since Christmas, & it works well, learning curve not too bad. I suppose you have to read the manual on any of them a little to get started.

But I know what you're saying, I can't be bothered with such stuff anymore either - I just want it to work, no questions asked! I wasn't really aware of the battery thing with them, I hadn't researched it that far. I guess when it quits I may try to pry it open & see if I can do anything with it.

Also, you have to tag all your files correctly, (which you should do anyway) or it makes for some interesting song titles/genre/etc. on the display screen!

Keep us posted on what you decide to go with, I may be interested in purchasing another in the future.
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Default thanks for the input

Thanks for the input. I'm just looking to listen to some jazz tunes while walking around. If I can copy some .wma I make from my own jazz collection and it sounds decent then I'm happy. I don't care about FM radio unless you can punch in the frequency exactly. That "hit the scan until you find a strong station and save it" way of tuning drives me nuts!!

Anyway, I'm basically looking for a Walkman without the cassette tape.
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