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Old 3 Jan 2005, 05:21 AM   #1
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Default Forum Rules...

I joined this forum because I wanted to give something back to people like DR Shrink, DDlooping, etc... and I wanted to contribute to the Forum and help make it better for all...

Having been a member of this Forum for a while now and provided some assistance to a few member new and old alike, I have to say I have learnt as much as I shared, A fact I keep in mind as I write these lines...

There is a very small minority of members in this forums that are rude and "short sighted" toward Newbies, a breach of forum rules Rule nr 2 to be exact....

There are severe breaches by Newbies and old members alike, that I just cant believe are left to go on...

As a normal member I have reported situations both from breaches by Newbies and older Members alike, over and over again, in some cases a very lax-ed way of dealing with some situations are innapropriate... Now I have reached a limit of my patient, my foot is down... I wont stand for it anymore...

This means that I will effectively be on strike, self-suspension of posting in aid of others or not in this forum, regardless of who, simply in defence of my views...

This will remain until I feel that my voice is heard and I am taken seriously, until then, it stands as is...

This decision saddens me deeply and I have no pleasure in knowing that there is someone that I could help and I don't, but such is the nature of the beast....

Some rules are a little grey and as such you can play in the grey area but it is the rules that are black or white that should be enforced to the T... I'm no wet blanket...

Until this day...


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I understand where you are coming from Floppy and am sadden to hear of you not participating in posting. But, each man must do what he/she feels they need to do. I hope I have never offended you, or came off as being rude, if I have, I apologize now.

Until that day,

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Old 8 Jan 2005, 07:19 AM   #3
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Default To Floppy

1) As I've posted many times in the past, when other posters have obviously "been out to get me", you have to have a thick skin - and a strong sense of humour

2) As Ricky Nelson sang in "Garden Party" - "You can't please everybody, but you've got to please yourself."

3) Many of your posts, in response to questions asked by the less knowledgable forum members have been excellent examples of technical insight and a willingness to share

4) If (although I don't believe this is the case) I have unwittingly contributed to your present feeling that your voice isn't being heard and/or you're not being taken seriously, I hereby apologize

5) See 1) above ;>} - and come on back!
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Old 8 Jan 2005, 08:58 AM   #4
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Default Floppy

I echo the sentiments of "setarip"...
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Old 13 Feb 2005, 08:51 AM   #5
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Default LAST POST.

I have made the decision a few months back to hold my posting at the forums because I didnt believe that in a general way newbies and some members alike were taking this foruma lot for granted.

After all this time away but still reading whats been going on around I see that some changes have occurred but none in the sense of my reason for staying away...

Wilst the efforts by the parties involved in these changes are in some way trying to make sense out of madness and very comendable I feel that I have reached a cross road...

I will have submited a request for termination of membership (mine) by the time you read this and assure that theres is no one person that is directly responsible for my decision but it is really an amalgamation of situations here and in my professional life that are pressing in that way...

I will miss a few but not all.

I bid you all good bye

Filipe D'oliveira A.K.A/ Floppy


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