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Default I've been preaching it for years!!!!

While this is a story from today's AP, the parts in red are the only funny parts about this sad tale:

ACLU: Sex in restroom stalls is private
The Associated Press1/16/08
> >
ST. PAUL, Minn. -->>
In an effort to help Sen. Larry Craig, the American Civil Liberties Union is arguing that people who have sex in public bathrooms have an expectation of privacy.
(Folks, I’ve been preaching this for years…but mine were confined to a Baptist University toilet / shower rooms where I was written up more than once on the Gardner-Webb University for having a “girl” in the men’s dorm where women were not allowed unless it was a time at so permitted and the doors always had to be wide open)
Senator Craig, of Idaho, is asking the Minnesota Court of Appeals to let him withdraw his guilty plea to disorderly conduct stemming from a bathroom sex sting at the City Minneapolis airport
(Key word here being “withdraw”, and also siteing the “lay”-overs at the airport was to brief for any kind of such frivolities)
The ACLU filed a brief Tuesday supporting Craig. It cited a Minnesota Supreme Court ruling 38 years ago that found that people who have sex in closed stalls in public restrooms "have a reasonable expectation of privacy."

(Well, yeah.. If me and my ol’ lady are practicing up for memberships in good STANDING with TWA’s mile high club, I’d want the benefit of a doubt also)
That means the state cannot prove Craig was inviting an undercover officer to have sex in public, the ACLU wrote.
(DA to Officer: Officer Ms.Dedemenor, are you sure that on the day of JUNE 11th, 2007 you were approached for sex in the airport bathroom?! ” Yes your honor, I heard no splashing on a “log” hitting water nor water hitting water prior to the advance.)
The Republican senator was arrested June 11 by an undercover officer who said Craig tapped his feet and swiped his hand under a stall divider in a way that signaled he wanted sex. Craig has denied that, saying his actions were misconstrued.
(Here is where Senator “Clown” I mean Senator Craig messed up! From the get go he should have been telling the world “ ALL I WANTED WAS SOME TOLIET PAPER!!.... My stall was out!” Yes sir, the tapping of my toes again and again and snapping of my fingers were happening repeatly because my iPOD had a concert version of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get it on” at full blast in my ears….)
The ACLU argued that even if Craig was inviting the officer to have sex, his actions wouldn't be illegal.

(Well not unless he continued and the officer felt pressured by a superior in to having sex in which case it would be sexual harassment)
"The government cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Senator Craig was inviting the undercover officer to engage in anything other than sexual intimacy that would not have called attention to itself in a closed stall in the public restroom," the ACLU wrote in its brief.
(Yes, undoubtly the absence of flatuance or urination noises or splashing of large objects in water would one to believe on to think he did NOT indeed have the need for privacy)
The ACLU also noted that Craig was originally charged with interference with privacy, which it said was an admission by the state that people in the bathroom stall expect privacy.
(WTH kind of charge is “interference with privacy” !???, Let see… I’m “pinching a loaf” or “dropping clay” and I suddenly notice .. HEY, THERE IS NO TOLIET PAPER HERE!!. I signal the person in the stall next to me for a few extra sheets to cover my shortage, and suddenly I a sex pervert!??)
(Welll … YA!)
Craig at one point said he would resign but now says he will finish his term, which ends in January 2009.
Since the Spokes person in the stall next to Senator Craig and was “witness” to the “Hole”… err I mean whole thing.. it’s safe to assume that the airport was negligent for not re-supplying the facilities with toilet paper as needed. (Git-r-done)
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This may be over my head but I have a ladder.
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Another example of why we will run this country into the ground. There is no wrong or right because we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.
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