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Cool More on Macrovision

I took the following text from an article on Digital Digests site.

>>Macrovision, does occasionally, prevent genuine playback of DVDs on computer systems (eg. when your TV does not have S-Video or composite inputs, and you must output through a device, such as your VCR), and this guide tries to help those who have trouble with this.<<END>>

This statement is NOT entirely true. I DO have an S-Video plug on my tv. I cannot attach my computer directly to my tv to view DVDs. I'm using PowerDVD software and an Nvidia geforce MX400 card in the pc.

I looked up info on Cyberlinks web site concerning this issue. Check out the following paragraph from their site and decide for yourself what in the heck is going on here..

(Taken from Cyberlinks site)

"There are many display cards in the market with a built-in TV-OUT function. However, there are some VGA cards that are not approved by MacroVision. Therefore, a DVD software decoder, like Power DVD, is forced to shut down the TV-OUT function to prevent any illegal recording action. Our suggestion: Please find a VGA card approved by MacroVision. Then you can watch DVD via the TV-OUT function".<<END>>

Now tell me folks. Is this a monopoly or what?
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Yes - it is a monoply

Most video output cards sold today **should** be compatible with Macrovision, especially if they use a common output chip (eg. Conexant BT or Chrontel) - unfortunately, to save money, some companies use older chips and those are not compatible with Macrovision.

What this "compatibility" actually means is that your card does not have Macrovision at all - so to prevent you from copying DVDs to VHS, the powers that be came to the conclusion that the only way to prevent copying is the prevent playback, and hence this is the situation we're in right now (why don't they just make DVD movies unplayable anywhere - that way, no one will be bothering to copy/rip them all the time )

What you can try is to start a DVD in monitor mode, and then switch to TV-output - some versions of the software/cards/drivers may permit playback to continue (since the software may only check to see if TV-out is activated once, before playback).

If your card uses the Conexant BT output chipset (you can check under the NVIDIA driver's settings section), you may be able to use the TV-Tools program to by-pass Macrovision :
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Tried tvtool with same chip 400mx chip on elsa 511 gladiac nvidia based tvout card no luck with powerdvd4 or any software players to output to tv only sound no pic and really crappy picture even on just using twinview with nothing playing , I can still output with my hollywoodplus card or dxr3 card to vcr and then tv & remoteselector 1.74 to turn off macrovision and pic is great & records fine on vcr. hardware card best way to go for tv video output hollywood+ and dxr3 inuse here and it didnt mess with my powerdvd4 software on computer like it did with other both progies seem to work together without conflicts.iceman9
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