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Old 11 Nov 2005, 09:48 AM   #1
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Default Sony DRM

Sony has been trying to hide its rootkit behind our backs, well now thanks to Sony, hackers have begun to exploit Sonys' rootkit and install trojans and other viruses' onto your computer.

All this just for playing a disk marketed by Sony. Thats right, you don't even have to try and copy it. All you have to do is play the CD on your PC.
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Old 19 Nov 2005, 03:41 AM   #2
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i can't believe they did this. the root kits i heard can imbed sometning into mp3 files on your computer that creates noise and lowers audio quality effectively destrying your property. not bothering to see if you ripped, bought the music online, or downloaded it. it just wrecks it.

sony just screwed themselves with this bigtime. the news is out and you know people are going to stop buying sony products. people don't want their rigs destroyed.

something like this wouldn't hurt the hardcore pirates anyway. the people that are out to make money pirating cd's will still do it. it's gonna hurt the average joe like someone like us that wants to jam out on their pc or possibly make a mix cd.

you should read some of the fine print on sony's eula. i just read some and it's crazy.
you can't keep music stored on your pc at work. if you move out of the country or if you file for bankruptcy you have to delete all your songs. what is their problem? using a friggin rootkit?
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Old 1 Dec 2005, 05:28 AM   #3
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Well I see that Sony recalled several Cds and 2 states, Texas & CA have filed lawsuits against them for violation of malware laws. Search CNN news site or other news sites for more information. Microsoft has an update to remove it.

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Old 12 Dec 2005, 06:50 AM   #4
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Just as u think Sony has made there biggest mistake they top em selves n screw up even worse! I love it the're just one big joke now days. The root kit apparently made a certain file type invisable to the user n system so it couldn't be removed, so trojans n virus's just hav to name em selves unda the same file name and presto, instantly hidden. Sony's just lost a court case ere in australia. They tried to sue a shop owner for puttin mod chips in playstations and sony lost! haha, now cos of that moddin is legal ere and its offically legal to de-region ur dvd player! Thanks sony
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