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Default FAQ: Guide on how to save logs automatically in ImgBurn

Guide on how to save logs automatically in ImgBurn

Just like DVD Decrypter, ImgBurn can save the logs automatically if you specify it to in the settings.

First thing we are going to do is, tell ImgBurn to automatically save the logs for you.

Open up ImgBurn. Click "Tools" at the top, then click "Settings". (Screen Shot Below)

Now at the top, there will be 6 tabs. Click the "Events" tab and put a check mark in the '"Save the Log" box (blue box). Also take the check mark out of the "Overwrite Existing" box (green box). Now click the browse button (red box) and tell ImgBurn where you want it to save the logs at. (I created a folder on my desktop called "ImgBurn Logs" and I chose that.) (Screen Shot Below)

Now click the "OK" button to return back to the main ImgBurn screen. You may now close out of ImgBurn. Your logs from now on will be automatically saved when you properly exit or close ImgBurn, therefor when some asks for the log, you will not have to re-rip/re-burn to get the log. You will have the log already.

Now this part is optional but, will provide easier and faster access to it in the case you ever need it.

After each time ImgBurn is started and exited, there will be a log. So you will have a useless log if you just opened it up and closed it without doing anything. ImgBurn automatically saves the log with the file name "ImgBurn.log", then the next one would be "ImgBurn(1).log", and the next one would be "ImgBurn(2).log" and so fourth. To simplify things, were are going to "Rename" the logs with the proper file name.

Open up the folder that you told ImgBurn to save the logs in, then you would double click each log to find out what it it was. (Screen Shot Below)

So you would double click the "ImgBurn.log" and scroll down in the log to find out which DVD/file it was that you were using. As you can see from the screen shot below, the DVD/file was the movie "Robots" (Screen Shot Below)

So I am going to "Right Click" the "ImgBurn.log" file and then "Left Click" on "Rename" and rename it to "Robots.log" and hit enter. (Screen Shot Below)

Now anytime you need to provide a log for someone, you may open it up and copy it without have to re-rip or re-burn to get the log.

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This thread has been closed/locked, as it is for information purposes only. If you have a question regarding this thread. Please start a new thread in the ImgBurn forum.

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