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Old 21 May 2002, 10:22 AM   #1
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Default Plz help: i convert Need to convert mpeg2 to mpeg1

i` m hoping someone may help me to to convert mpeg2 to


i tried nero(Which i don`t generally trust to encode anything ,

it`s just a nice burn program) , but was told i need the Mpeg

encoder , which i don`t have

So far , i`ve used TmpgEnc & virtual dub for many months , but

they can`t do this task

can someone please give me directions on & to a good

program to perform this task , then i can clean off my hard drive

PS a specialcheers to setarip for all help in the past
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Old 21 May 2002, 10:39 AM   #2
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Hi there, are you converting svcd to vcd or dvd to vcd ?

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Old 21 May 2002, 11:33 AM   #3
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(Note: If you are trying to convert a "plain vanilla" MPEG2 to a "plain vanilla" MPEG1, just change the words below from "SVCD" to "MPEG2" and from "MPEG1-VideoCD" to "MPEG1"...)

Use TMPGEnc as follows:

File>>MPEGTools>>Simple Multiplex

Load your SVCD file

Change mode to "MPEG1-VideoCD"

Enter a new filename in the "Output" box

Press the "Run" radio button

(Do not be concerned about any "Buffer underflow" messages you may see)

Burn (DO NOT ask burning software, such as NERO to CONVERT to VCD, rather merely BURN as a VCD)
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Old 22 May 2002, 11:04 AM   #4
Join Date: Apr 2002
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Default Att Setarip & 1Smellyfish

Tnx for your replies

Setarip wrote

"plain vanilla" ......

i`m not sure what that term means , i couldn`t load the file in V

Dub 2 read properties due 2 a pack synch.. error

But following those instructions exactly all i get is audio

from the resulting file (This is 2nd time that method produced

such) why does this happen ?

So here`s what i tried , but am unhappy with results

i loaded file via TmpgEnc wizard , & chose NTSC (As NTSC film

caused audio problems ), i then chose video type-Interlace ,

file order-Bottom field first(Field B) , Aspect ratio - 4:3

i didn`t touch filter settings , i also chose CDR-80 min(VCD/SVCD)

which makes a file size 50.38% of disc capacity(This may be where

i can increase file size 2 increase quality ??? but that`s all

ghosted out)

Needless to say this took a 719mb file & made a 400 Mb +

file of much lower quality

Somewhere in all these settingswhich i mentioned , i`m hoping

there may be a method to keep much more of the flicks

original quality , am i correct ?

Can you please direct me in this matter

Ps When i chose NTSC film i also chose an aspect ratio

of 4:3 525 line- (NTSC 704x480) . i wasnt sure what this all

meant , but sorry to sound like a monkey , they sounded like

a quqlity setting , but i got audio drop outs all thru film

So Plz tell me how i can preserve as much of the original

quality as possible(In TMPGenc ????)

1Smellyfish wrote

"are you converting svcd to vcd or dvd to vcd ? "

All i know is i`m trying to convert mpeg2 to Mpeg1

How does that all translate into your question ?

i look 4 ward to your informed replies

PS heres the TMPGenc properties of said file

Format: Video-CD NTSC (MPEG-1 352x240 29.97fps CBR 1150kbps, Layer-2 44100Hz 224kbps)

Cheers -
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