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Old 25 Mar 2006, 03:56 PM   #1
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Default Cd Burner burns SOMEtimes, never at max Speed

problem came basically out of nowhere. 1 day everything was fine, and then it started messing up.

I have an ATAPI 52x Cd-RW and it refuses to burn at Max Speed. 48x capable Sony cdrs it only burns at 32x and 40x AT&T cdrs at 24x. basically 16x slower then it should be!?

But thats not even half of my troubles. The Burner doesn't actually burn! it does, sometimes, but not everytime. according to the software the burn is sucessful, but when i try to run the CD (data, audio, doesn't matter) it just freezes or for example if its data with 100 miles, the 1st 25 might work, if i try to access the next 20 it'll freeze, but the last 55 also work. If i ran it from the Burner it works, but not on the regular CD-Rom. its as if the CD wasn't Finalized.

I've tried basically every option in the software, and its still beyond any explanations. sometimes the CD will burn fine, and then next time it wont. i had a 50 pack of Sony cdrs and about 30 of them are in the trash, 10 still in the box. the wierd thing is i managed to sucessfully burn a cd with the "finalize cd" option UN-ticked! but the next one messed up again. The software even says the CD is fine when i do the data verification for it, but it is still messed up!

i can't think of any significant changes i've made around the time this problem started happening. I did upgrade the a new Version of Nero, and i did physically unplug the Burner around that time. but it still doesn't make any sense of why i'm having these problems. I tried different software, i tried going back to the old version of Nero, same exact result, 1 cd might burn fine, you think you solved the problem, then the next 3 will all mess up.

i also disconnected it and connected it again a bunch of times to make sure its connected the right way still the same problem.

i think i managed to narrow the problem down and i think it must be the Burner itself because i hooked it up to a different PC (XP on both) and it still wouldn't Burn at Max speed, burned 1 cd and messed up the 2nd one. also tried different software on the 2nd PC as well. This is a ridicolous problem because if something was messed up software, hardware some driver whatever, it just shouldn't work ALL THE TIME then, not work now and not work 10 minutes later.
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welcome to the forum

I have an ATAPI 52x Cd-RW
a little too general a statement, but probably a crap brand, if not then your sony disks are bad, you are assuming them to be consistent, not always so.
And even with good blanks and a premium cd burner, burning at 48x or 52x
is an accident waiting to happen, just cause your car's speedometer goes to
120, does that mean it safe to drive that fast.

nero recode is a video compression program

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Old 26 Mar 2006, 04:51 AM   #3
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sorry, i guess i posted in the wrong section?

as far as the brand, you're right its probably something crappy, i can't find the name of it anywhere on the Burner. just found a model no. MS-8352A, when i search for it i find some brand called MSI, BUT, just looking at the picture, it clearly says MSI on the front and the label, mine doesn't say a thing.

as far as burning 48x, maybe you're right, but i had this burner for 2+ years always burning at max speed and it worked 99.9% of the time.

I initially thought it was a problem with the cds also, but i used a different brand besides Sony and had the same exact problem...

noticed some links on the bottom to simular problems, about to check those out.
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Old 26 Mar 2006, 05:25 AM   #4
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I burn critical data at 16x and music at 32x and usually under semi-heavy use
a premium burner even like a plextor wears out in a couple of years.
Sounds like yours was a good one that's seen it better days, MSI usually only puts it's name on quality components.
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