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Krusty Booger 29 Jan 2008 09:40 AM

Nero Vision 4 Essentials Transcoding Errors
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Hi Everybody,
I'm new to the site, and here's what I have.

-Nero Version 7
-Nero Vison 4 Essentials

I got a copy of "House" Season One, and put it on the pc. TO do that, I used DVD43 to over write the copy protection. Yadda yadda yadda. So the DVD is finished, and ready to burn. Whenever I try to burn, i get the following message:

"Unable to prepare data for recording: Prepare session failed, Transcoding of videos failed!"

The House DVD is in my E drive, and I rigged up a portable DVD/CD burner (Sony Multi Recorder) to the USB Port, and in the recorder is a dual layer 8.5 gb DVD-R, big enough to fit the DVD on, but I can't get past this transcoding business. Any suggestions?

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