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Old 13 Aug 2005, 01:31 AM   #1
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Default Memory access failure????

Hi all! Thinking the expertise here might help me yet again.... I just got a children's yoga video that I *know* my daughter will love, and therefore I need to make copies. I just can't make it happen! I tried using DVD decrypter, and all seemed well. It ripped it w/o problems. Went to DVDshrink and tried opening the files, and get a pop-up stating "invalid access to memory location" and DVDshrink cannot continue. OK, this has happened a handful of times with other discs, so I go to DVDCopy, which I have only used on those occasions but it has worked every time. It copies the whole disc, but when I tried playing it, the entire disc is filled with digitized mumbojumbo. OK, try opening DISC with DVDshrink, w/o using DVDdecrypter first.... get the same pop-up, "invalid access to memory location".
Any suggestions??? This entire video is less than 3MB and one would *think* it would be an easy one to copy...?
Thanks in advance for any and all help!!
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Old 13 Aug 2005, 02:13 AM   #2
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read here for solutions to that error.

which version of dvd shrink are you using? 3.2 is the latest.

have you tried to use DVD Decrypter v.3.54 to "rip" the DVD to your hard drive in "File" mode - and from the "Edit" dropdown menu, select "All files" (NOT "movie files").

Then use DVD Shrink v.3.2 to "Open files" (NOT "Open Disk")?
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Old 13 Aug 2005, 03:23 PM   #3
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Columbo, thanks for answering. My usual method is decrypting w DVDdecrypter first, using "file" mode, then opening w DVDshrink "open files". This particular movie ripped fine w Decrypter earlier today, but now that I've read the link you gave me and tried again, DVDDecrypter wants nothing to do with the disc at all, I get a pop-up stating "I/O failure", so I'm going to search for answers to what *that* might be, LOL! This disc is driving me batty, for a measly 2.1MB movie is sure seems protected.... I've tried opening it directly from DVDshrink, that doesn't work at all either. Oh well, I feel up for a challenge, and want to learn!
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Old 13 Aug 2005, 03:29 PM   #4
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Have you tried to 'disable' the preview window in DVD Shrink before you open the files from your hard disk?
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Old 14 Aug 2005, 12:05 AM   #5
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This is just getting worse.... yes, I tried to disable the preview window. With that, I get usually to about 87-89%done, then the entire program freezes up and I have to use task manager to end everything. I tried doing a re-author with that DVD and another short kids' one, froze up also. I managed to get it to rip w Decrypter, but it does the "88% then freeze-thing". It says "N/A" after all the KEYS (tried checking *taht* per the tutorial). I've tried just telling Shrink to do it again (per the tutorial) and that doesn't work, it just keeps popping up.
I have AnyDVD I guess "running" on the computer, and I checked it out and there are 2 keys mentioned in association with this movie *there*, could it be that I should insert those keys somewhere? If so, where? Should I completely close down AnyDVD, although it seems to be running in the background or something because it hasn't caused any problems before... I tried copying it straight over, via DVDCopy, that didn't work.
What gets me is that it is a lousy, simple little 2.1MB movie, not anything complicated w multiple layers or advanced copyprotections..! It even says "no protection" in the Decrypter info window..! Aaarrgghh!
Thanks Cynthia for responding, I'm hoping for even more help as I have tried all the suggestions in the link Columbo gave me (the ones I *could* try at least) and so far nothing is working.
Thanks in advance!!
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Old 14 Aug 2005, 12:31 AM   #6
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Why the need for DVD Shrink at all? You say they can be ripped in DVD Decrypter? So, do it all in DVD Decrypter in ISO mode.

1. Read the files in ISO read mode (press R in DVD Decrypter). You will get an ISO and an MDS file
2. Press W. Insert a blank. Navigate to the MDS and press the big green arrow to write.

Oh yeah - disable AnyDVD and DVD43 when you do this.

Should be fine


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Old 14 Aug 2005, 12:46 AM   #7
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I will try that. I just tried inserting the keys AnyDVD gave me, and that resulted in a burned disc that *said* everything went Ok, but turned out to be totally digitized and blocky when I tried playing it.... and when I open that version of the files in DVDshrink, it says "this video cannot be compressed". I'm currently trying to do it in collaboration with another short kids' movie, and have preview ENABLED, it was black for the first half and then the second movie is being previewed... doesn't look promising, LOL!
I'll be back...
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Old 14 Aug 2005, 01:19 AM   #8
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IT WORKED!!!! I used only decrypter like Les suggested, and it finally worked!!!! Thank you ALL for your help, so many good pointers and tips for when similar things happen down the line, which I'm sure they will.... in fact, I think I have another "problem dvd" I can practice on, lol!
Doing a happy dance!!!!
Thanks again!!!
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