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Default software putting gap in burn?

OK i think this is kinda weird

I was making a backup of a backup , i just go DVD to DVD (on the fly)

when i use Sonic record now> copy disc; it starts out fine but the the time remaining jumps up (start at 13:49 and when and at random periods the amount of time left may increase to any amount; one time it went to over an hour)
and it takes forever to burn and when it finishes i go to play it and it is an unreadable disc. And when you look at where the burn is on the purple side there is a ring of burned data then a ring of blank then the full burn.??
This also happens when i use Nero smart start (copy on the fly)

BUT when i use nero xpress and choose copy disc
the copy starts, the time may jump up a bit (start at 13:49 and when there is about 3:00 left it may jump up to 5:00 min left)
but when it finishes it plays fine. and when you look at where the burn is on the purple side of the DVD+R there are no gaps.

If anyone has any input i would appreciate it
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"If anyone has any input i would appreciate it"

don't copy on the fly, this is what happens.

you have nero, use "copy disc" feature, or dvd shrink.

save the file to your HD first, burning on the fly is asking for trouble.
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as columbo stated never burn on the fly always copy to hard drive 1st. not putting your software down but since nero is working for you if it ain't broke don't fix it unless you want to experiment
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