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Default Replacing bad key-frames

Please bear with me on this one.

I just can’t figure out why it shouldn’t be possible to replace bad keyframes.

First I have NO CLUE how a Codec is programmed. I understand “some” of the basic principles how it works, but that’s were my very limited knowledge ends.

The problem:
For what reason ever it can happen that a movie has a bad keyframe. As a logical consequence of this there is a cluster of frames that will be displayed badly...until the next “good” keyframe is reached. However this doesn’t mean that the non-keyframes are faulty they just have a faulty basis..the bad keyframe.

The solution:
It would be great if there is a filter or plug-in that could replace bad-keyframes with the previous good frame. At 25 frames per second the video screw shouldn’t be too big.

The theory:
Now the frame just before the bad keyframe is displayed correctly and this IMAGE, could be used to replace the bad keyframe. Now I do understand that the build up of a non-keyframe is completely different then a keyframe itself, however it must be possible to convert this non-keyframe to a keyframe.

I can make an image of every frame of a movie. Just go to virtualdub, type the frame number and do a print screen…Not very sophisticated, but it works.

Building on this it also must be possible to make a keyframe out of a non-keyframe and therefore replace any bad keyframe in a movie with the previous “good” frame.

The Question:
However what I understand is that non such filter/plug-in exists for Virtualdub. I really wonder why since I think that many people would find such a application incredibly useful.

Well write one yourself you say…..ok fair enough but as I said my programming skills date back to c-64 peek and poke and that’s it. I gave VB a try once but must say it was a horror. Isn’t there anybody who can thinks there is some logic in the above??
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