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Old 17 Oct 2010, 09:15 PM   #31
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That indeed sounds interesting.
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Old 20 Oct 2010, 08:32 AM   #32
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As another poster on the features request thread mentioned, you can get there using multiAVCHD. I believe I tried it awhile back. But it seemed like it wanted to bring my quad to its knees. I'm hoping the BDRB incarnation has the same "good" profile that I use with BDRB now. It would be nice if I could somehow magically get a DVD9 that looked good in around the run time of the film. It may be hoping for too much since it will have to size down though.

edit: Oh, but I forgot the reason I'm hoping for rapid throughput. If he takes the approach he did in DVDRB and launches an HC Encode instance for each core, we might get some processing pronto even with the downsizing!! Got my fingers crossed.

edit2: Guess it's going to be awhile. I'm wicked curious if it's going to be multi-core, what converters etc.. No hints yet.

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Old 6 Nov 2010, 07:08 AM   #33
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Default BD Rebuilder 0.36.01 released

The new BDRB with backup to standard DVD is out. No subtitle support yet for DVD but planned. I'm going to try the DVD output option this afternoon. I'm wicked curious how it's gonna' do what it's gonna' do.

edit: I did a few runs to dvd5 and one to dvd9. Looks good. On my quad the conversions were all completed in the run time of the films. The only thing that needs a bit of a tweak is the bit rate calculation. Can bump it up a bit and still fit on the respective discs.

The encoder used for dvd output is HC. I learned a few things from looking at the .avs scripts. As with a lot of these encoders if you want that last bit of quality you double the time. I was converting to dvd "by hand" using HC and the processing time was about 2x the run time of the films. I was using Best profile and DC prec of 10. BDRB is using Normal profile and DC of 9. You get the output in half the time with just a touch of loss of the "gloss" of the Best profile processing. Plus the convenience it's all put together in a VIDEO_TS ready to burn.

Looks very good.

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Old 11 Nov 2010, 04:14 AM   #34
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Default BDRB 0.36.02 released

One of the fixes in this release is output dvd size. I'm trying my first run now.

edit: dvd5 output now is around 4.2 GB instead of 4.03 in the last run I tried.
The output looks very good. BDRB uses HCencode "normal profile" and just for
an experiment I did the same video using HCgui "manually" setting it to Best Profile.
I really had to squint to see a differnce. The Best Profile had a touch better color on
certain areas deep in the shot, but on close-ups you can't tell. Just watching the movie
normally you might as well take the speed. The BluRay input is so rich that dvd output with
Normal Profile looks great!!

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Old 19 Nov 2010, 05:38 AM   #35
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Default BDRB 0.36.03 Released

Updates include new versions of x264. Also "hidden option" to set the HCencode profile to FAST, NORMAL or BEST.

See full list of changes:

I've done a run to BD9 output and everything went as expected. I haven't tried the dvd output with HC hidden option profile setting yet. Maybe later today.

edit: HC profile support works. dvd5 output size seems to hover around 4.25 GB. The output looked very good.

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Old 25 Jul 2013, 06:30 PM   #36
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Hello All, newbie here with his first tentative post....

MilesAhead, can you (or any helpful member) elaborate on the process of how to use BDRebuilder to hardcode subtitles into a video stream during conversion please?

I am pulling my hair out over this with regards to the BD versions of Star Wars

Liger Megatron
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Old 28 Aug 2013, 05:20 AM   #37
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Hi. Sorry I didn't get to read your post until now. Since my last post I've been evicted and am therefore relegated to using public library PCs for the time being at least.

I haven't used BDRB in awhile. But the last time I ran it the method was to use AviSynth to hard code the subtitle in the video stream. But I know BDRB has been updated a few times since then. At this point I feel you would be better served to ask the author directly or search this thread

Please read the rules of the thread before posting. jdobbs the author, is very helpful but he's much more so if you avoid getting off on the wrong foot by asking something that's been asked a million times etc...

I know the interaction with AviSynth has undergone some changes recently. So I hesitate to go from memory. I no longer have my desktop machines and installed software base to try or check anything.

edit: Note that the thread is titles DVD Rebuilder. But it's primarily for BDRB questions.

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