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Forum Rules

Below are some general rules which you should observe when using our forum/board. If you do not follow these rules, you might get suspended for life (and banned users trying to sign up again will get their account deleted), so please follow them (some of these rules are just common sense/courtesy, so they're not hard to follow) :
    1. Please ensure posts are meaningful. Don't post a question that has already been posted, by searching before posting to see if your question has already been answered. Don't post vague message titles such as "Help" or "Problem". Post as much detail as possible about your problem, including computer/hardware specs if necessary.

    2. Please be polite when posting your messages (no flaming). Please also note that there may be newbies here, so please be extra understanding and tolerant (we were all newbies once, right ). It is also common courtesy to reply when your question has been answered, to say whether it worked or not, or just to say thanks.

    3. Please do not post SPAM/unrelated posts. Do not post SPAM or anything unrelated to this board/forum, including divisive political or religious discussions (more information here). Repeatedly posting promotional material/advertising (see below) will be considered SPAM as well. All spam/unrelated posts will be deleted!!

    4. Please do not post porn or links to porn. This is considered spam - see rule 3 above.

    5. Please do not post/attach or link to copyrighted/pirated content (including software/movies/music ...) - the exception to the rule is that if there is a really commercially hard to get software (eg. discontinued/abandoned software), and you think a link is justified in this case (since there is obviously no other good way to get this software, even if you are prepared to pay for it). Copyrighted material includes DVD or movie files that you do not own the copyrights to.

    6. Please do not refer to pirated contents (including software/movies/music ...) - do not ask for advice about illegal copying of copyrighted content. Posting messages about copyrighted movies you illegally downloaded or copying DVDs you don't own may get you into trouble with your local authorities, and may get this forum into trouble as well. For more information regarding what kind of posts are acceptable, please read this message

    7. Do not link/attach executable files and large images. Executable files (exe, bat, com, reg) should not be linked to due to possibility of virus/trojans. Large images slow down the page for everyone, especially those on slow connections. The same applies for images in signatures and avatars.

    8. When attaching images to signatures, keep the width under 250 and the height under 40. See this thread for more details.

    9. When typing your messages, please do not type in capital letters. READING POSTS WRITTEN ENTIRELY IN CAPITAL LETTERS CAN BE ANNOYING, and seems to mean you are shouting!!

    10. Please try to post messages in the right forum - posting in the wrong forum will only mean your posts will get deleted/ignored, unless an admin/mod can find your post and move it to the right forum.

    11. Do not post the same message in multiple forums - otherwise known as cross posting. It will only mean that the people who frequently visits these forums (ie. the very people that can help you) will be annoyed by your multiple posting and will ignore you, or worse, delete your posts if they were admin/mods. If you are unsure about which forum your post belongs in, just post it in one forum that you think matches the topic the best - if it is wrong, it will be moved to the right forum by a moderator.

    12. Please do not post promotional materials, such as posts advertising your product or website (regardless of whether it's freeware or not), without first seeking permission from the site administrator. Posts that simple copy and paste information from a product website, or simply just a link to the website, falls under this category. Posts that provide useful information about a product (eg. changelog, download links, suggestion/comment requests) are acceptable, but should be kept to just one thread only. Software producers that break this rule will have their software barred from being listed on Digital Digest sites.

    13. Members with less than 10 posts cannot post new private messages. This is to prevent members signing up, posting a PM to a experienced member with a question without ever considering searching or posting in the forum.

    14. Do not bump posts (that is, posting pointless replies to posts to keep it at the top of the forum index).

    15. The board admins/mods reserve the right to edit or even delete your posts. We'll not edit/delete/censor opinions, only things which breaks the rules listed on this page.

    16. Banned users trying to sign up again will get their account deleted. Each individual is not allowed to have multiple accounts on this forum.

    17. If you find a post that is against the forum rules listed on this page, you should use the report a post feature to notify the forum's moderator and/or the forum admin, as opposed to posting something about it yourself.

    18. Please try to keep your posts on topic, that is to make sure new posts are posted in the right forum, and replies are about the same topic as the main topic of the thread. Please don't post just to increase your post count, as a high post count doesn't always equate to expertise. This rule is mainly in relation to people coming in to an existing thread and taking it off in another direction (eg. by asking a totally new question or hijacking the thread for their own purpose). Thread starters can and sometimes need to change the topic (although it may be in their best interest to start a new thread, just so that more people can see it). Some friendly banter is totally acceptable, and in fact, it is helpful in making this forum a friendlier place.

    19. Discussions regarding decryption/ripping of DVDs or other types of media is prohibited, as is the discussion of tools that can be used for decryption/ripping (eg. DVD Shrink, FixVTS ...)

Admin - Digital Video Forum.

Helpful links for common forum functions

Go to this DigiWiki entry to find links that will provide instructions on how to use some of the common features of this forum.

How do I use the Reputation function?

The reputation system allows you to give positive or negative points (yes, your points total can be in the negative) to other members (and leave optional comments). You start off with 10 points.

The default reputation levels are:

-50 or less points: User is infamous around these parts
-50 to -10: User can only hope to improve
-10 to 0: User has a little shameless behaviour in the past
0 to 10: User is an unknown quantity at this point
10 to 50: User is on a distinguished road
50 to 150: User will become famous soon enough
150 to 250: User has a spectacular aura about
250 to 350: User is a jewel in the rough
350 to 450: User is just really nice
450 to 550: User is a glorious beacon of light
550 to 650: User is a name known to all
650 to 1000: User is a splendid one to behold
1000 to 1500: User has much to be proud of
1500 to 2000: User has a brilliant future
2000+: User has a reputation beyond repute

You can view your own reputation points by going into the User CP, and to the right of the "Latest Reputation Received" header, you should see your points total (only available if someone has left at least one reputation comment). You can't view the exact point of others. You can, however, sort the member list based on reputations, and you can hover your mouse over the reputation image to see a text description of your current reputation level. The reputation image will be green if you have a positive reputation, and red if you have a negative reputation. You will get one or more reputation image (icons) the more points you have (both positive and negative), and once you reach a certain level, the icons will change from dark red/green to bright red/green.

Each user also have what is known as a reputation altering power (default is 1) - basically, this determines how many points you give to (or take away from) other users per click. This power depends on the user group, the amount of time you've been here, the number of posts you've made and the number of reputation points you have.

There are also some restrictions like how many times you can give a reputation to a single user, how many times you can do it per day, minimum number of posts before you can do it, etc...

But remember, this is all in good fun and don't use the rep system as a "weapon" against other forum members (the old adage "If you have nothing good to say..." is approriate here). In fact, you can even turn the rep display off in the User CP if you wish.

What is the Infractions system?

The infraction system (also known as the yellow/red card system) allow moderators to warn users of rule breaches through private messaging/email. In extreme cases, infraction points may be given to users and if a certain number of points is reached, the user is automatically banned (currently the points limit is 10).

Different breaches carry different points, and some points expire after a period (usually 1 month) while others are permanent.

If you are given a warning or infraction points, you will also receive a PM or an email detailing the reason for the warning/points. You can also view a list of your infractions in your user profile and your User CP - other users will not be able to view your infractions.

Below is a table of infractions, the rules they relate to and the expiration period of the points associated with each infraction:

Infraction:Corresponding Rule:Points, expiration:
Non meaningful post (eg. vague message title, off topic)1, 181pt, 1 month
Not using search11pt, 1 month
Being Rude (minor offence)23pt, 1 month
Being Rude (major offence)23pt, permanent
Spamming/Promotional material3, 125pts, permanent
Pornography (minor offence, inapproriate/suggestive content)43pts, 1 month
Pornography (major offence, softcore/hardcore)45pts, permanent
Linking to pirated content55pts, permanent
Referring to pirated content63pts, permanent
Cross posting112pts, 1 month
Post Bumping143pts, 1 month
Not using post reporting function172pts, 1 month

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