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Chicago cops tell the RIAA — then the DA

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  • admin
    • Nov 2001
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    Chicago cops tell the RIAA — then the DA

    Now it seems in Chicago, at least, when some local cops find evidence of “unlawful use of unidentified sound or audiovisual recordings”, the first thing they do is call Vivendi Universal, EMI, Warner Music and Sony BMG’s RIAA.

    Then they let the local district attorney know.

    Police officers on tax payer salaries working for the RIAA ...
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  • doctorhardware
    Lord of Digital Video
    Lord of Digital Video
    • Dec 2006
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    That is why I want to blow this pop stand. If Chicago gets the Olympics, the whole state will end up paying for Chicago to play host. I for one do not want to pay higher taxes. I will not gain any benefit in having the Olympics. I wonder how much Chicago is getting in kick backs for turning in people to the record companies.
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