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The MPAA Spends $370,000 In US Government Lobbying Efforts

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    The MPAA Spends $370,000 In US Government Lobbying Efforts

    The MPAA has spent $370,000 in lobbying the US government in the first quarter of 2010.

    This is actually down from the same period last year, and down from the $440,000 in the quarter immediately before this one. In the first quarter of 2010, MPAA lobbied Congress, the Commerce Department, the president and vice president and other bodies.

    The MPAA successfully lobbied the FCC to allow DRM to be added to TV broadcasts, the so called "selectable output control" system, which they say will benefit consumers as it allows the MPAA to release movies earlier for TV broadcasts, if the broadcasts are copy protected.

    However, critics say by releasing movies earlier on TV may harm the cinema business, and that some 20 million Americans with older equipment won't have access to the new broadcasts.


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