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RapidShare Wins Court Case In US

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    RapidShare Wins Court Case In US

    RapidShare has won a court case in the District Court of California, as the judge found the file hosting service not guilty of copyright infringement.

    Perfect 10 sued RapidShare for infringing on the copyright of images owned by the Californian company. RapidShare originally wanted the trial to be moved to its native home of Germany, but the judge decided against awarding a temporary injunction against RapidShare, stating in the judgement that a file hosting company like RapidShare cannot be held responsible for copyright infringement conducted by its users.

    RapidShare has tried to distance itself from other websites that they feel might be actively promoting sharing of pirated downloads, but it was recently labeled by the US Congress as being one of six websites "notorious" for online piracy.


    The popular file-hosting service RapidShare is not guilty of copyright infringement, the United States District Court of California has ruled. The ruling is an important victory for RapidShare, which has been increasingly targeted by the entertainment industries.
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