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    Unconfirmed Members

    As stated on the signup page (and our FAQ), registering an account with this forum requires you to provide a valid email address. This is because after you sign up, a confirmation email is sent to your email address with a special link contained in the email. This special link must be accessed in order for you to enable your account for posting. This is done to prevent people using fake emails to spam the board, etc...

    Unfortunately, for several reasons, not all confirmation emails are received. Currently, there are about 300 "unconfirmed" members who have not yet accessed their special confirmation links, and hence, are not eligible for posting. Free email accounts, such as Hotmail, Yahoo, GMX, are known to block confirmation emails, and are not recommended (please note that as part of our privacy policy, your email address will not be published or released by Digital Digest without your consent).

    All unconfirmed accounts will be deleted two month after the signup date.

    If you are one of these members, and you want to confirm your account, please contact me (using the "Administrative" email address) using the email account you entered during registeration (eg. if you entered during signup, please send me an email from this account so I can manually confirm you).
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