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Backing Up VHS on DVD

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  • Adam40291
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    • Mar 2005
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    Backing Up VHS on DVD

    Hey everyone, I'm getting ready to pack up my old VHS tapes, but before I do, I'd like to back them up on DVD. I know I'm going to need some extra equipment to do it, and that's where I need advice. My computer is brand new and has the most current video card from ATI (I believe, I don't handle the computer stuff in my house).

    I was thinking of buying a video capture card, or a Dazzle device to hook up my analog VCR to the computer and get the video on the Hard Drive from there, but after that I'm lost.

    Can anyone steer me toward a guide on this, or give me some pointers on how to accomplish it?

    I did a search on this and didn't find anything that answered my specific question, sorry in advance if I overlooked it.
  • setarip
    • Dec 2001
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    Go to:

    and enter (INCLUDING quotation marks),

    "VHS to DVD"