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Aaxa Tech M2 Micro Projector Review

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  • MoodyHank1
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    • Nov 2010
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    Aaxa Tech M2 Micro Projector Review

    Hey everyone!

    I am an avid tech enthusiast! I'm always quick to find new products and give them a test run! The product I just recently checked out was aaxa tech m2 micro projector. It is the newest micro projector on the market right now! The most impressive features are the XGA 1024x768 resolution and the HDMI port. Both of which excited me about this projector.

    When you get it out of the box it looks quite impressive due to the all glossy black matte finish contrasting with the white function buttons. Its made from what seems to be a high quality, durable plastic. Makes it almost look like a well polished sports car. Downside is that it easily attracts finger prints, grease, and dust. Luckily the handy wipe down makes it looking good as new. Size wise it's less than a pound and can fit in the palm of your hand. The box contains: the unit itself, power cable, travelling bag, RCA cables, USB cable, VGA cable, remote, and a tripod. The inputs include: USB, SD, HDMI, VGA, head phone, and A/V. You can purchase Iphone/Ipad, PSP, and Zune adapters from Aaxa. The HDMI is one of the most interesting aspects, since almost no micro or pocket projectors on the market come with a HDMI port.

    Now on to the features. When you turn it on the first thing you notice is the brightness! Even in a well lit room it was quite bright. That is probably due to the new Vibrant color technology that comes in this projector. The menu looks just as crisp with an easy navigation. The on board media player allows you to look at pictures, watch videos, listen to music all without a laptop or computer. I was using the buttons on the unit at first, but they are rather close together so I would end up pushing other buttons. That got annoying, so I switched to the remote. The remote works well if you're not going to be too far away from the projector.

    The image quality is very impressive. The blues, reds, and greens are displayed very well even in low light settings. The image quality was much better with darker colors than with lighter colors. The screen size is a true talking point. Even in low light conditions I was able to produce ~60" images with clarity and with darker conditions it was well over 100". Even text would still appear clear and readable. The almost 100" images did lose some of its sharpness but it was still very clear. The on board speaker does well but the fan drowns out some of the sound even if it's at its maximum. Best option is to plug in some headphones, tweakers, or full sized speakers.

    Overall I am rather impressed by this projector. It is definitely designed with both business professional and entertainment enthusiasts alike.

    Great picture brightness & quality
    Great resolution, sharp picture
    Well built high quality case.
    Built in music, video, and picture player
    Many different inputs
    Totally portable, fits in a briefcase or a backpack

    Exterior can get dirty easily
    On board buttons hard to press
    Can't use remote from too far away
    Fan can be noisy

    Click image for larger version

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    Almost ~100"
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    Jumbo Safari
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    Close up of text
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