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Frustrated need help/advice with video files

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  • Mjolnir_53
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    Junior Member
    • Nov 2006
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    Frustrated need help/advice with video files

    Hello to everyone in the forum 1st time posting

    I have reatively old videos of my grandchildren - want to preserve them on DVD - have a DVD -R/W - bought ATI all in wonder 2006 installed no problem

    hooked up a borrowed video camera and VCR - transfered the files to my HD

    tried to save the files as AVI - ran out of HD space - saved the files as MPEG

    Tried to burn to DVD using Roxio - failed - computer friend suggested dump Roxio use Nero - bought version 7 - installed - updated - burned - failed

    Guy at computer store suggested dump Nero use Sony Platinum best there is - does everything - faster than a speeding bullet - leaps tall buildings in a single bound ... anyway - bought Sony installed - burned - failed

    have spent ton o' money on this.......

    All the files a 'watchable' on the computer with no apparent problem - now I don't know what to do - I was hoping to improve the quality of the video before I made the DVD's now would be happy just to burn them

    Any and all suggestions/links to guides be most appreciated

    thank you all for the excellent web site - trying to learn as I read
  • photo_angel2004
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    Queen of Digital Video
    • Jan 2004
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    Hello and welcome to the forum,

    I dont know how larg your hard drive is but for this type of project you want to have at least 30 gigs free.

    Here is a guide that I found very usefull:

    If your able to save the video as mpeg you may want to try nero to make a video cd. But the quality will not be anywhere near as good as it will converting from .AVI to DVD like in that guide.

    IMGburn ** ** Nero **Intelli Type Pro 6.1 **


    • Chizzmo
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      Gold Member
      • Nov 2005
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      The guide Photo Angel gave to you is a great one but I would like to know when you tried Nero what type of disc exactly did you try to burn it as. I know that Nero does have its problems but if you have a MPEG file you should be able to open Nero Startsmart>Photo and Video>Make Video CD and/or Make Super Video CD both of which need to be MPEG file, so that should work for you.