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  • scrossland10
    started a topic Video Feedback

    Video Feedback

    I am an up and coming filmmaker, with a background in animation, and I am always looking for constructive criticism. I am a new member and I am looking for feedback on my work.

    Here is my latest demo reel.

    Sean Crossland
    Crossland Designs In...
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  • Motion Vector Prediction in H.264

    I have a couple of doubts regarding the Motion Vector Prediction in H264.
    1) As per the algo, i the top-right neighbour is not present, we consider the Top-left neighbour. Why is the Top-right given priority over Top-left in the first place? Is there any specific reason for that ...
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  • Malpal
    started a topic Corrupt 3pgg file

    Corrupt 3pgg file

    So I was recording a video on my phone and after I finished recording the video it gave me an error symbol. The file shows 245 mb but no time on it. I have been searching and tried repair video master, but I don't think it works with 3gpp files. I also tried Formatfactory. Same thing. It was a video...
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    Last edited by Malpal; 13 Sep 2012, 06:20 AM. Reason: woops, i meant 3gpp file not 3pgg was late and I was tired, haha.

  • An interesting idea/opportunity for DVD & Blu-ray authors

    Apologies if this is not the right place to post this.

    We are a LA-based company called Leaping Brain Labs that has developed a media distribution platform called MOD Machine. We have a potentially lucrative opportunity for DVD & Blu-ray authors who work with video publishing clients...
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  • Daughter's 1st Birthday Video File Corrupt

    I was videoing my daughter's first birthday and my phone (HTC EVO 4g) shut off. The file is a .3gp file and shows up on my phone and on my computer when I upload it, but nothing will play it. I have tried many different players, and several different video converters, but I cannot play it. Does anyone...
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  • Sanyo CG10 - can't download videos!

    Hi! My understanding of this is so basic I can't use conventional digilangueage to express my question, so in normal English:

    We have a Sanyo CG10, which we got about 18 months ago. It records fine, we can easily download photos, but have so far completely failed to download any videos,...
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  • Ayuda con AviRecomp : falta el final del video

    Hola ^^ he encontrado este foro y de verdad necesito ayuda hace unos das he intentado unir unos subs que hice a un video AVI los subs son ASS. y estoy usando el avi recomp pero sucede que termina correctamente sin errores pero al ver el video siempre faltan los ultimos 15 minutos del video ...
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  • levyrob1
    started a topic Video Conversion help

    Video Conversion help

    I have a client who is sitting on terabytes of old multibitrate Real Video files. Does anybody know of a way to convert these into a more flexible format?

    Best case solution would be linux and scriptable so I could incorporate it into my current ffMpeg workflow.

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  • what is the best software to make and upload youtube videos

    HI, guys, in your view, which one is the best? Please give me some advice.
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  • zauber_ab
    started a topic monitor connection issues

    monitor connection issues

    hello, i have a dell inspiron 1520 with windows 7 installed recently. the problem that i have is that i cannot connect my laptop to an external monitor (tv) through a vga cable (that used to work properly on xp). when i switch to pc on my tv the screen is black, windows cannot detect another monitor...
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  • ty13r
    started a topic Cannot render my mp4 video file

    Cannot render my mp4 video file

    Okay im a bit new to this so...

    Anyway I recently downloaded a video file from a streaming video from a website. The streaming protocol was something like rtmp and the video file type was mp4. The download seemed to go fine, but when i came to open the file with vlc, only the audio would...
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  • deathclaw
    started a topic Real-time Video Effects Media Player

    Real-time Video Effects Media Player

    YouTube - The Swizzler 0.72 GPU Accelerated Real-time Special Effects Media Player Effects Showcase

    youtube dot com/watch?v=PXTTbIgX1Hk

    YouTube- The Swizzler 0.8 GPU Accelerated Real-time Special Effects Media Player Effects Video Showcase

    youtube dot com/watch?v=735wTT3u--0&feature=channel...
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  • jamie.askid
    started a topic BBC News trailer/introduction

    BBC News trailer/introduction


    Does anyone have/know where to get a high-quality video file of the 2008/9 BBC News introduction (music + the shots/graphics of the world/cities)?

    Many thanks,

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  • mp4 problems - how to differentiate them?

    hello, i read... ok, i glanced at the IANA's RFC 3555 and found out that there are many types of mp4. audio, and several types of video.

    my problem is, how do u tell them apart? is there a website that has this information?

    for example, wat is the header for each of these...
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  • brad12
    started a topic Do I have to cover the tag in a shirt?

    Do I have to cover the tag in a shirt?

    Hi, I'm making a how to video based on t shirts which I'm going to sell. Does anyone know if it is some kind/any kind of infringement to show the shirt tag with out permission? You can see the manufactures name. Do I have to "blur or cover" these tags?
    Thanks in advance,
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