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Thread: Problems with Flask 0.6 & Windows XP

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    Default Problems with Flask 0.6 & Windows XP

    Hi all

    When I try to convert DVD vobs into an AVI file with Flask 0.6 I get an error. This only occurs when I try to encode both the video (using DivX 4.02) and audio at the same time. I can encode the video on its own np and then use VirtualDub to do the audio but it would b nice to be able to do both at the same time

    Any suggestions?



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    More info needed!
    What audio codec are you using?
    Did you re-install everything after you installed XP?
    What is the error?
    Have you tried DivX 4.11?
    Snooch to the Nooch!

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    I had the same problem with Flask under both WinXP and WinME after installing some of the codec packs (Bigpop, Nemo). Uninstalling the offending codec pack or reinstalling and then uninstalling it may fix the problem. If you can narrow down which codec in particular is causing the problem, you may be able to uninstall/unregister it. I ended up killing my WinME/FAT32 setup and installing WinXPHE/NTFS and NOT installing any of the codec packs.

    I hope this helps.

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