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Thread: Star Wars Episode II DVD

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    Default Star Wars Episode II DVD

    Star Wars Episode II will be coming out on DVD on November 12.

    It will have a similar set of extra features as the Episode I DVD, with quite a few documentaries, featurettes, the "Across the Stars" music video, galleries and the usual set of trailers/TV spots.

    A rather curious/annoying decision is to release it in both widescreen (the original and the best) and fullscreen (hacked up version of widescreen) versions.

    I don't remember Episode I coming in a fullscreen version, and since George Lucas is supposed to be very sensitive about how a movie is presented in theatres (eg. must be presented in the best sound system, THX and all that), I don't know what happened this time.

    And what if I want to complete my Star Wars DVD collection entirely in fullscreen - will Episode I, III to VI be released in fullscreen version as well?

    Seems like someone in marketing thought this would be a good idea - just like releasing the Australian R4 version of Harry Potter in fullscreen version only

    You can read the article on the Episode II DVD here :

    You can read the 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment press release on the Episode II DVD here :,29630,
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