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Thread: Convert MPEG to VOB???

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    Default Convert MPEG to VOB???

    I am newbie that is trying to burn my MPEG and MPG files to DVD. I have a DVD-Ram/R.....and I am trying to figure it out. Anything would help??? Thanks

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    I suppose you want to make a DVD-Video and not just a DVD-data? (DVD-video = the DVD you rent, data = games etc)

    To make a data-DVD, just place them on it

    A DVD-Video needs to be authored with (no, realy?) authoring software. The mose known tools are Meastro (the one I have) and Scenarist. Since you're a newbie, i suggest you DO NOT use scenarist (not that is't not good, but it's difficult). Other authoring soft will do as well (like Ulead's stuff, etc.)

    For more info on authoring, see, goto Guides and select authoring.
    We were all newbies once... and we all needed some help once, so lets once help the newbies.

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