: Hi,

I'm working on a Mac G4 with DVD Studio Pro. Mac OS 9.1 Quicktime 5 (pro)
I have an existing DVD which I have to duplicate.
: But before doing so I have to make some changes
: in the menu structure. So I ripped the original
: DVD using DVDExtractor, so that I can reuse the
: encoded material in DVDSP. Here's the problem:
: After ripping the DVD I get sound files in the
: pcm file format. DVDSP doesn't recognize these
: files when I'm trying to import them and also
: gives me an error message when trying to drag'n
: drop them into the assets window. Opening these
: files with QT5, Peak DV and A.pack is impossible
: as well. Is there any way to transcode these
: files, so that I can use them in DVDSP?
Thanks in advance