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Thread: Burning VCD with Nero

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    Question Burning VCD with Nero

    Hi all.

    I've gotten hold of the ANiVCD Futurama episodes and want to burn them to VCD. When trying to do so in Nero it says that I have an invalid file and that the problem is "stream encoding which is invalid for a [Super] Video-CD".

    When checking this file with VirtualDub it has the right resolution, the right bitrate, the right sound and the right FPS. So why can't I use it to create a VCD with?

    I have a slow machine so re-encoding them takes forever, especially since I have 3 seasons to re-encode.

    Any ideas?

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    Default RE: Burning VCD with Nero

    Hmmm...Nero's really fussy with the files you use. Check first of all to see if the video is the right width*height compared to its frame rate, Nero will accept one of the following three:
    • 352x288 - 25fps (PAL)
    • 352x240 - 29.97 fps (NTSC)
    • 352x240 - 23.97fps (FILM)

    if its not, then you'll have to re-encode the video files for Nero to accept it. If you can't be arsed just tell it to "Turn off Standard Compliance and continue" and it should look ok, though this is not recommended if you have it set to 29.97fps if you live in the UK, or 25fps if you live in the US and the same goes for the dimensions.

    The audio file could also be the prob: Make sure you've encoded the audio as "MPEG1 Layer 2". I'm not too sure whether the bitrate makes a difference or not, although going with 192kbps is safe and easy. Make sure also that the audio file is 44.1kHz and is Stereo (2 Channels). If everything is set accordingly it should work, if not, i'm stumped.

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    I checked again with VirtualDub and the only thing that differs from your recommendations is that the audio is 224 Kbit. Besides that everything is as you suggested (352x240, 29.97 NTSC).

    I did notice that VD found an unexpected EOF in the first episode but I can't understand why Nero should complain about the other two episodes that I added as well (and one of them is OK as I used it in VD just 1 minute ago 8).

    I tried turning of standard compliance but then the disc wont play, atleast not in my PowerDVD player. I'll check the disc on my brothers standalone DVD player later today.

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep you updated. 8)

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