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Thread: MyDVD help =/

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    Question MyDVD help =/

    My new computer came with Sonic MyDVD 3.5.1 on it. Since I can't get the trial for Ulead to work, I figure I may as well go with what I'm given. However, I'm hitting snags already.

    I got over my aspect ratio issues (thanks for the help; I just mucked something up in the TMPGEnc settings) with Boondock Saints and created an MPEG2 file that's exactly 4,339,693 KB.

    When I load it into MyDVD though, it shows up as a whopping 5.6 gigabytes. Removing the audio takes it back down to about 4.33. What gives? Why is MyDVD popping more audio on there and how can I get around it?

    EDIT: I guess TMPGEnc has been encoding the audio in an mpeg 1 layer 2 format that the DVD software converts and expands to WAV when processing, adding another gig or so to my movies. Guess I'll just do an m2v and a WAV and put'em together on the DVD.
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