Just bought a Pioneer DVD-ROM DVD116 drive for my system, and I'm wondering about something.

I've got a set of Boston DT6000 5.1 speakers hooked up to my GameTheater XP sound card via optical cable, and my speakers have a feature that lets them lower the volume range on the signal for night time use (IE quieter explosions, louder whispers, don't wake the kid)

But when I play a DVD (PowerDVD 3.0, W2K SP2), the software decodes the signal, and my speakers go into Pro-Logic mode, rather than DTS mode, and I can't use night mode.

Does anyone know of a way to send the raw audio signal to the speakers with software decoding?

My system:

Lian-Li PC-12 Black Aluminum Case
Duron 600 (GlobalWIN FOP32 @ Arctic Silver II)
Asus A7V133 w Promise Raid
256MB PC133 Hyundai RAM
40G HD (WD ATA100 7200 RPM)
Asus V7100 Deluxe Combo
62cm Television (Primary @ Sole Display)
Hercules GameTheater XP
Boston DT6000 5.1 Speakers
Pioneer DVD-ROM DVD116
3Com 10/100 NIC
Microsoft Optical Wheel Mouse (12' Extention)
Diamond Keyboard (12' Extention)
Microsoft Sidewinder Pro Gamepads (2)

Thanks for the help