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Thread: Noise filters?

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    Default Noise filters?

    In Gknot you have the option of picking a Noise filter. There are four to choose from:

    Little Noise
    Medium Noise
    Heavy Noise

    What do these filters do? Do they relate to audio or video?

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    they relate to VIDEO

    in case your video has some noise, i.e. it is not 100% clear and sharp and without little errors, a noise filter will smooth and clear the video to some degree and should be used to improve your video.

    little noise works quite fine in many case, if it does not do a perfect job different options could be used - internal or external filters (convolution is said to be very good!)

    in addition to smoothing the video a noise filter will also make the video a little more compressable which could be an advantage especially for 1cd rips.

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