Hi all.

I hope I m in the right forum for my question!

I got a big problem with dvdX... EVEN with 1.8 or v 2

I remember encoding well 2 movie last years with this proggy. but now, after updating my system... The sound is really bad...

like repeat sond frekently and popop.

I tried to check and Uncheck - Dolby surrond, froce 24 hrz, synch audio... etc...

and each time, I run the Player of dvdx to check if the problem is there, ..... If tried to encode the movie... Its the same problem!! sound is choppy


I tried another encoding proggy VIDOMI... and I didn t got this problem with it.... But the encoding time is so long

Please help...!

I got the latest driver for my sound and video card. I use win ME. and I install the latest aspi.