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Thread: How to converting AC3 5.1 to Mp3...

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    Default How to converting AC3 5.1 to Mp3...

    I've converted 2 channel AC3 streams to MP3 many times without a problem using Besweet/Azid/Lame.

    However I've recently encountered a dvd which has only one soundtrack in AC3 5.1.

    I want to keep the movie small and therefore would like to convert this stream to 2 channel MP3.

    Do I use the same approach I've always used for AC3 2Ch to Mp3 2ch, or is there additional work/conversion involved to downmix the 5 channels into 2?

    Thanks for your advice...

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    I believe the same procedure applies as in the case of 2 ch AC3 file. If that does not work, Graphedit is capable of converting 5.1 AC3 file into a WAV file, which, in turn, can be converted to MP3.

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    it doesnt make any difference

    use besweet or take a look here:

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