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Thread: Encoding Bit Rate problem

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    Unhappy Encoding Bit Rate problem

    Hi everybody!
    I hope my question is in a right place.
    I have a strange problem. I'm using Flask MPEG for encoding DVD Rip's and I've done about 20 movies with that program.
    But now something happened in my computer : (I'm sure it is software problem) I can't encode movie in bit rate higher than 800 bps.
    I start the Flask program, open the DVD .ifo file, choose the movie and press Flask it button. Then, I go to "Output Format option", choose the DivX encoder (no matter, if it DivX Fast or Slow), press the "configure" button and put the bit rate value according to movie length, choose appropriate audio conversion, In "Global Project option" I do all the nessesary things (croping, deinterlacing etc.) and finally I get the .avi in ~ 350 MB size and poor quality.......

    In "configure" DivX encoder, no matter if I set the bit rate 800 or 6000 - the encoding bit rate always stays ~500-800 (I can see it in progress monitor while encoding process run)

    I've reinstalled OS from W2K to Win98, reinstalled Flask and DivX bundles, tried to encode in DivX4 and DivX5 and Xvid - but getting some result.....

    Any suggestions?

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    It's about time that you give up using Flask and go on to using better programs then. Give GordianKnot a try (A guide for it is available in a sticky thread in this forum). I'm sure you'll be much happier with it.

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