I have VOB Instant CD/DVD and have followed the wizard to burn my ripped files etc to a DVD-RW. I select UDF DVD, no joliet etc like the various howto's say and I drop and drag every folder into place.

So far no problem. When I click on 'Write' a window pops up saying recording track 1 of 1, 1024mb and will take about 15mins.
However the folder quite clearly contains 4 or 5 VOB plus a few other files which in total comes to just over 4gb in size.

It will burn successfully but will not let me browse the dvd when finished.

Has anyone else had this problem and/or perhaps know what I'm doing wrong?

I cant use Nero as it just stops burning/responding half way through. Primo usually fails the test and syas theres buffer underruns even though the writer (Pioneer A04) claims to have protection in that area.

At a bit of a loss. Any help would be most appreciated.