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Thread: problem with Divx after install of SP1 for XP

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    Default problem with Divx after install of SP1 for XP

    I've recently installed SP1 for my windows XP and after that i'm not able to play my Divx avi file in PowerDVD, BSplayer and Zoomplayer.

    Everytime I try to start the movie, it just shut down the player. I've tried to install the nimo codecpack and nothing happens.
    I've also tried to install Divx 5.02 and Divx 4.12 but nope.
    Is there something in SP1 which makes it difficult to play divx??


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    I haven't had any problems playing DivX files under WinXP SP1. However, I have heqrd of user problems in some cases, and you might just be one of them. Try uninstalling SP1 and see how things go.

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