Hi folks,
I am calling for help cus I find myself stuck after a whole afternoon of fighting with my buddy TSCV, the GUI for VCDImager which is supposed to make things simple for creating neat VCDs with menus and stuff ...

I can load my mpeg(s) in the soft without any problem as well as creat chapters real easily I can even create a menu whit the menu generator WYSIWYG thingy but my problem is the following :

As soon as I ask TSCV to generate the menu, things are screwed. There are two possibilities:

I have tried at first to create a motion menu you know with moving captions for each chapter ... well I config all 6 chapters properly (following some guides from the net) and hit the Generate menu button ... the soft shows it's generating the frames for each chapter caption thing then asks for a .mpv file name and the crashes and shows the log tab saying something like "c:\Program: can not be found". According to the guides I've read it's supposed to launch Tmpgenc at this point (the path to this last one is properly set up in TSCV). So Ok, I don't really know what to do with that, I've browsed the forums and never saw anyone with that kind of prob.

Second, I have tried to create the simplest dumbest menu ever with one single chapter still caption. Here, TSCV seems to generate the thing and asks for a filename which I gently give and it kindly says the menu has been generated and takes me back to the menu generator screen, which I close as it's of no use anymore and that's where TSCV warns me that "the file can not be found" which is indeed true as absolutely no *.mpv file has beed created where I asked it to.

I have tried this with TSCV 0.84 release 1 and 2 and with TSCV 0.85 beta. I have tried them all on two differend boxes, one with XP and the other one running Windows 98. Same story each time so I am kinda lost on what to try next. It seems other ppl did manage to make it work according to the several guides for creating still/motion menus with TSCV on the net.
So if you had those probs and got around them I would be very grateful to receive some help.

Thanks in advance.