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Thread: Star Wars 2 Media Problems?

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    Unhappy Star Wars 2 Media Problems?

    This is my first try at all of this, that is, DVD backup. I'm having the following problem.

    I'm having a problem playing my DVD-R on my DVD player. I ripped, encoded, and burned Star Wars: Attach of the Clones. I used DVD Decrptor, IfoEdit, and Nero. The finished disc works using Sonic CinePlayer. Everything seems just fine with exception to it being a little bit choppy here and there. But when I try it in a player, it says it won't read this type disc. I burned it to a PrimeDisc DVD-R and a Pioneer DVD-R 4x. Neither of them work in my player. The player type is a Panasonic DVD-CV50. I looked it up on compatibility charts and websites and they say it can handle DVD-R's. Does anybody have any ideas?

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    See my response to your other (duplicate) post...

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