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Thread: No sound or no video? Read this first!

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    Lightbulb No sound or no video? Read this first!


    download and install FFDSHOW - go for the LATEST version!!!

    it is a playbackfilter collection and the best of its kind.
    with ffdshow installed almost every file/format SHOULD work!

    when asked for the formats/codecs to be played with ffdshow during installation, mark ALL except wmv.

    now play the file in your favourite player.

    if it didnt help, check the post on FAKE FILES!


    for further help through this board, we need some details which you can gather the following way:

    In case your AVI / MPEG4 /DIVX does NOT have sound or video, load the file into GSPOT!

    Download GSPOT here

    GSPOT will tell you which audio and/or video codec you're missing.

    Most filters can be found
    H E R E

    If your problems can not be solved by these filters/codecs or if you dont understand, what GSPOT is *telling* you, please post all the information GSPOT states (maybe attach a screenshot!).

    Moreover, NANDUB can be of help shedding some light on your problem.

    Load your avi into NANDUB and go to FILE => FILE INFORMATION.

    Again, post what you'll find there!

    Posting these infos will make us help you much better and faster if you're not even able to solve your problem yourself with GSPOTs help!
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    Default FAKE FILES ??? Files not working?? Read This!!

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    (version Franšaise)

    Here is a summary of codecs and freewares you have to install in order to handle, in the easiest way, most common video and audio formats. To avoid conflicts, never install codec packs.
    • ffdshow-alpha
      can decode mpeg-4 formats like DivX or XviD and features many post-processing options. If you just play video (i.e. you don't encode), ffdshow replaces DivX (Pro) and XviD codecs. Highly Recommended.
    • Media Player Classic
      is a player based on the original Windows Media Player 6.4 but considerably improved to become one the best player of its kind. MPC uses directshow filters in addition to built-in filters that handle several containers like ogm, mkv and audio formats.
    • Tobias' Ogg DirectShow Filters
      demux Ogg Media Files OGM and decode Ogg Vorbis. This audio format is now widespread thanks to its quality that is better than MP3 and its GNU/GPL licence.
    • Ac3Filter
      is an excellent filter that decodes AC3 streams. Dynamic Gain options are available to avoid low dialogues and loud explosions.
    • Real Alternative
      play Real Media files without RealOne.
    • QuickTime Alternative
      play QuickTime files without QuickTime Player.
    • Windows Media Video 9
      play Microsoft format without Windows Media Player. Select Codecs Installation Package for Windows Media Player 6.4.
    • GSpot
      provides information about MPEG1 or MPEG2 video and most common audio format.
    • Graphedit
      will help you to see filters used to render a file.
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