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Thread: TMPGEnc error message

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    Default TMPGEnc error message

    Can someone help with this? I have an avi file with the below specs that keeps generating the following error messages in TMPGEnc Plus V.

    "Write error occurred at address BFF7A388 of module 'KERNEL32.DLL' with 9C0000A2"

    "Failed to refer to Tab No.0"

    The avi properties are:

    Length: 25 min, 37.662 sec.
    Audio: MPEG Layer-3, 192 kBits, 48,000 Hz, Stereo
    Video: 360x240, 24 Bits, 36867 Frames, 23.976 Frames/Sec, 125KB/Sec, Divx codec

    Other avi's I have encode with any problems. Could it be the source avi? I even downloaded the file again, but still the same result. Any help would be appreciated.

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    1) Does the .AVI play properly from beginning to end?

    2) How many audio frames are indicated for the .AVI?

    3) How soon after starting the TMPGEnc conversion do the rror messages occur?

    4) To what format are you attempting to convert, using TMPGEnc?

    5) What procedures are using in TMPGEnc?

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    have u tried a different version of TMPGEnc?

    Check if the frames are corrupted using Virtualdub, it can usually be TMPGEnc.....


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