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Thread: Sony movie converter

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    Default Sony movie converter

    I am trying to find a article on the sony movie converter to learn how to convert .avi files to a format that my kid can watch movies on his playstation. the divxArticles section did not seem to have one.

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    Where to start..?

    The PSX requires video files converted to a .STR format @ 15fps - apparently this is an MJPEG type of compressed video.

    The STR format is limited by it's own compression and also the PSX CD drive - the PSX CD will be 1X or 2X and isn't fast enough to provide the bitrate for full screen hi-quality sound.

    The audio for an STR file must be either 37,800KHz or 18,900KHz, mono or stereo, uncompressed.

    The software to convert a video to STR format is the Sony Movie Convertor - a 32 bit version is available, before this it was a 16 bit program with all the 2GB file size limits et al.

    However Movie Convertor (32 bit) is still only able to convert uncompressed AVI to the STR format.

    So to convert an AVI to STR requires that you..
    Resize your video to a STR compatible size - see link below.
    Convert your video's framerate to 15fps.
    Re-sample the video's audio to either 37,800KHz or 18,900KHz - mono or stereo.
    Save it as an uncompressed AVI. (Maybe try to frameserve).
    Now use Sony's Movie Convertor to convert the uncompressed AVI to STR format.

    Once you have one or more STR video files you're ready to create a PSX CD image which you can burn to CDR.

    For this there is a program called PSX CD Builder which claims to do it all for you - however, with Windows 2000 Pro, it crashes every time i try to use it. the latest version is Version 2 Beta which i haven't tested.

    Another way to create the image file - and this has worked for me - is detailed at

    Then burn this image file to a CDR and try it on your PSX...

    Points to watch for
    Configure Sony Movie Convertor for the speed of the CD drive in the PSX that the STR will be played on - thats 1X or 2X - otherwise you'll lose a/v sync.

    The latest version of the Sony Movie Convertor 'may' accept a frameserve from Virtual Dub - saving you writing massive uncompressed AVI files prior to the conversion.

    The PSX CD drives speed will dictate the maximum total bitrate that it can supply - 18,900KHz mono audio will leave more bitrate for the video stream.

    Sony Movie Convertor 'may' convert the uncompressed AVI to 15fps - you'll have to experiment as documentation is limited.

    The uncompressed AVI must conform to the STR size specs - see

    Some software links here

    And some interesting forum posts here

    15fps 'may' not be 100% necessary - it's probably a compromise with the PSX CD drive speed's limit and video quality.

    Well that's about all the links/info i have, good luck.


    (PS If you have trouble downloading any software, post again/message me and i'll send you what i have).

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    hey zedolf.. plz help me i wanna convert an avi to psx but am unable to find the right software.. can u help me out.. please send me the stuff on

    plz plz i need it.


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