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Thread: X-VID to SVCD encoding problem!!!!!HELP!!!

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    Default X-VID to SVCD encoding problem!!!!!HELP!!!

    I am trying to convert the xvid-file "adaptation" into a SVCD...but TmpgEnc doesn┤t recognize the audio-file??
    But i can playback the file with WMplayer

    Have no clue what to do.....
    Virtual Dub shows the folloing file info:

    Sampling Rate:48000 Hz.
    Channel 5 (Stereo)
    Sample Precision: 0 Bit
    Compression: unknown (tag 2000)
    Preload skew: 2800 samples(0,5s)

    Thanks for your help

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    Hi, and welcome.
    It's an AC3 sound track. Use NanDub to extract it (File/Save Wav) and then rename the file to "whatever.AC3".

    Use Besweet to convert to WAV (2-Pass) and then feed that into TMPGEnc. Search forum as it has been coverted countless times.

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