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Thread: audio isnt in sync

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    Angry audio isnt in sync

    Need help, have tried everything to encode the movie bound to divx 5.04 and the audio is way ahead of the video. Have re-ripped the movie 3 times to make sure that the files were transfered ok and then have tried every combination of frame rates on both the new and old flask players and on xvid. Every other movie I have done turns out fine but this one is giving me serious problems. I have also tried every audio option from lowering the hertz to raising it. When I rip the movie it says that there is no encryption on it, could this have something to do with it?

    Need the Help, Thanks

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    Arrow-2 Try this

    Open you`r AVI/DivX file in VirtualDub.

    If you get message (VBR audio stream detected)

    Then set audio to full processing mode in the Audio Menu.
    Sett audio compression to No compression PCM.
    Mace shure that you got lest 2Gb Hd space
    Goto the fil menu and hit Save Wav...

    When wav fil is finished, set Wav Audio in the Audio Menu.
    Goto Audio Conversion Menu and set the Hz you want, then select compression whit same Hz rate.
    Set Video to Direct Stream Coppy

    No sawe your avi file

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