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Thread: Need dvd ripping related help (sorta)

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    Exclamation Need dvd ripping related help (sorta)

    I don't know much about the legality of these things, so

    *Hyopothetical situation:

    I download 600+mb dvd-rips off a file sharing program and use VirtualDub to extract my favorite scenes.. After doing it for a while I've learned alot of tricks around certain bugs and whatnot, and haven't had any real trouble. I downloaded a clip recently that when played normally, is fine, but when I extract scenes (I always use direct stream for video/audio) the audio is warped forward in the new clip. Anyone know how this can be fixed?

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    no crossposting pls.

    take a look at your other posting!

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    Under VDub, make certain that you are cutting on keyframes. If that doesn't solve your problem, you can always use VDub's audio adjustments available under "Audio", "Interleaving".

    Let us know of your success ;>}

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