I got myDVD with my new DVD burner and I find everything about this program to be frustrating. I'm looking for a good burning/authoring program. In 6 months, I'll be able to go with a really high end program. For now, I have to stay in a lower price range.

I'm looking at Nero, with Vision Express. I love the fact that I can download Nero (and all versions and extensions) and test them, but the demo version of Vision Express doesn't include MPEG2 codecs, so I can't do ANYTHING with the DVD menu to see how it works.

I'd like to hear from people who have used this as to whether they like it or not. I also have a few specific questions, regarding a few things that are in my "must have" category:

1) When I'm authoring a DVD in Nero/VE, can I create a button on a menu or submenu and define it as going to a submenu OR video? Or do I have to have a video with chapters (like in ULead's program) if I want to have submenus?

2) There are 2 prices for Nero/Ahead's MPEG2 codecs -- 1 for codecs for Nero, 1 for Vision Express. Since Vision Express is free to Nero users, can I buy Nero, get Vision Express, then buy only the cheaper Nero codecs and have them work with Vision Express? (I've e-mailed the company on this, but they indicate their support answers are being delayed at this point.)

3) Can Nero or VE capture from firewire and use those captured files for the DVD? When it captures, is it clean, or does it include a few garbage frames at the start, like myDVD does?

4) Does Nero have to re-encode MPEG2 files or can it take them and use them as is?

Any answers to these questions are appreciated (or pointers to reviews on this product), as are any comments in general on Nero and Vision Express.