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    I am confused about digitial rights management. When i was experimenting with editing WMV files i dowloaded a codec pack that seem to amoung other things install DRM to my machinge. I was no longer able to view certain WMV files without performing some kind of certification on the internet first.. Obviously i can't have that kind of intrusion so i wanted to delete DRM however to my knowledge you can't.

    So i reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled xp home. However it seems i still have DRM installed as it still is trying to connect to some website to certify me as a user when i attempt to play WMV files. I am quite new to XP, is it possible that WMP that comes with XP automatically downloads this DRM without my knowledge? I never had this problem with Win98.

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    A good tip: Don't use Winwons Media!


    Microsoft is devolloping DRM even more and it gets better and better, and DivX and others don't have all this 'crap'. Whit better or the same quality .
    Let's all try to help each other

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