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Thread: TMPGenc problem not keeping aspect ratio

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    Default TMPGenc problem not keeping aspect ratio

    I have the latest version of TMPGens and it is not keeping the aspect ratio of the source.

    I ripped it with smartripper and prepared it for TMPGenc with dvd2avi. I start the wizard in TMPGenc, chose SVCD NTSC, browse for the Video and audio source. In "expert setting for source" I keep "Non-Interlace", "Bottom field first (field B)" and change aspect ratio to "16:9 525 Line (NTSC)" because the original DVD is widescreen. Then in "Other Settings" under "Filter Setting", I unlock the aspect ratio only to change it to "16:9 display" because of the source that is widescreen. I don't start encoding immediately, under "Preview options" in the "Option" menu I change it to "Do not fix preview size" so I can see exactly how the resulting file will look like.

    The problem is this. When I do this the resulting ratio is changed. It is stretched vertically. After doing a bunch of test I found out that by only unlocking the aspect ratio in the "Other settings" with out changing any other setting at all, it is stretched still vertically. I still see the black bars on top and bottom but they are very little.
    If I don't unlock the aspect ratio (that keeps it to the default of 4:3) the black bars are there and much bigger, almost like the original but I find that it is still stretched a bit.

    In the Advanced tab, what ever "Video arrange Method" I use, Full screen, Full screen(keep aspect ratio) or full screen(keep aspect ratio2) it does not make any difference.
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    Instead of fretting about how it looks on your PC's monitor, burn your SVCD on a R/W CD and play it back on your standalone DVD player (via television). You may be pleasantly surprised...

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