Hi folks!

I have written a custon C++ filter and it's implemented as a DLL (an "ax" file is generated after building the project and I've registered it in my system, so I can insert it in a filter graph using GraphEdit to check that it works).

Now I want to program a C++ application that builds a filter graph containing a video capture filter, my custom filter and a renderer (all of them connected is this order), so I can check the video output within a window. I have to program it manually because I'm afraid GraphEdit cannot export a filter graph to C++ code, what would be enough for me.

Well, I think I got it, I have completed all the necessary source code, but I'm finding problems when I build my project and I don't know if the reason is that I'm not including the appropriate headers. When I have a custom DirectShow filter implemented as a DLL and I want to use it within an application, the only thing I have to do is to include the "iName_of_the_filter.h" header in the application and then I can use the method this interface provides with, right? Is there any other thing to take into account?

As an example of the problems I found, below you can find the last linking error code I get:

PlayCapMoniker error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _CLSID_SkinTracker

And CLSID_SkinTracker is declared in the interface header I mentioned above!

Any help would be great! Thanks a lot in advance!