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Thread: Beginners Start Here

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    Lightbulb Beginners Start Here

    General Links:<blockquote>
    DVD/AVI/DivX/Digital Video Glossary Page -

    The PC-DVD Guide -

    DVD Conversion Guide -

    DivX/XviD Links:<blockquote>
    For a very very very brief introduction to DivX, please refer to our DivX Help page :

    and our SupportFAQ section on DivX :

    and our DivX glossary page :

    Some more useful links for beginners (these guides have been the most requested by beginners) :

    DVD Conversion Guide -

    Joining AVI/DivX Guide -

    Cutting AVI/DivX Guide -

    AVI/DivX to MPEG-1/VCD Conversion Guide -

    ASF to AVI Conversion Guide -

    AVI (non DivX) to DivX Conversion Guide -

    These guides should contain links to all the software you'll need, plus pictures and step-to-step instructions to guide you along.

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    Also want to promote following link:

    The Nero Recode 2 Index Page

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