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    For a very very very brief introduction to DivX, please refer to our DivX Help page :

    and our SupportFAQ section on DivX :

    and our DivX glossary page :

    Some more useful links for beginners (these guides have been the most requested by beginners) :

    The PC-DVD Guide -

    DVD/AVI/DivX/Digital Video Glossary Page -

    DVD Conversion Guide -

    DVD to DivX Conversion Guide -<br>
    &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; * DVD to DivX (3.x or 5.x) using Gordian Knot Guide -

    DVD Ripping Guide -

    Joining AVI/DivX Guide -

    Cutting AVI/DivX Guide -

    AVI/DivX to MPEG-1/VCD Conversion Guide -

    ASF to AVI Conversion Guide -

    AVI (non DivX) to DivX Conversion Guide -

    Nicky Page's Guide (a lot of guides of great use) -

    Nicky Page's FAQ (a must read) -

    UncasMS's DVD Backup Guides :
    - In English and German -

    Most of these guides have been updated in the last month or so, and are aimed at those just starting to get the grips of DivX. They should contain links to all the software you'll need, plus pictures and step-to-step instructions to guide you along.

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